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Purple Honduras Haze is the result of a direct cross between our Purple Haze#23 mother and our best first generation Honduras Sativa males (purple high yielding Colombian phenotype), creating a true F1 100% Sativa Hybrid, extremely tropical, vigorous and productive, with the qualities and characteristics of the best old purple Colombian Sativa . Its psychoactivity and Haze and heirloom Colombian terpene profiles will transport you back decades, to when the true Sativas had no trace of Indica influence.

Purple Honduras Haze has a growth and flower development virtually identical to pure Purple Haze, which in the right conditions of strong light intensity and stable warm temperatures produces successive and abundant reflowerings, generating gigantic final yields thanks to the hybrid vigor provided by Honduras, in itself a very productive pure Sativa. The Honduras also shortens the flowering time of the Haze by 2-3 weeks, not interfering even slightly with the extreme Sativa profile that we seek with this type of cross, rather amplifying it instead. Excellent resistance against rain and against fungi such as botrytis, due to the tropical 'blood' that runs through the veins of this hybrid and because of its spongy pure Sativa floral structures.

Sativa / Indica ratio: 1:0
THC: 12-14%
CBD: 0.07-0.09%
CBG: 0.6-1.2%
Flowering indoors: 14-18 weeks
Flowering outdoors: December
Yield: High 
Resistance against spider mites: Average
Resistance against powder mildew: Average-High
Resistance against botrytis: Very high
Resistance against white fly: Average-High
Resistance against cold: Average
Resistance against heat: High
Latitude: 0º-40º

Genetics: Purple Haze #23 x best 1st generation pure Honduran males (purple high yielding Colombian phenotype).
Structure: Extreme tropical Sativa with a very thin leaf and pale green color. Very fine and flexible stems, which withstand the worst showers and blizzards.
Bouquet: Woody (cedar), spicy, garlic, sandalwood, sage and incense, touches of blackberry, raisins and red wine, with a deep and refined mango background.
High: Stimulating effect, both physically and mentally, completely clean, which invites conversation and activity, but also introspection. The effect is of moderate duration and initial power, but of great quality and without ceiling or limits of tolerance, taking you higher and higher, reaching the stratosphere, with nothing holding back its cerebral psychoactivity. When the effect fades it does not leave any kind of heaviness or mental or physical numbness.
Terpene profile: Monoterpenes: Very high beta-myrcene content and small amounts of alpha-pinene. Sesquiterpenes. Small quantities of beta-caryophyllene.

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Tags: Haze, Purple, Sativa, hybrid, spicy, berry, fruity

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