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C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
C-Vibez Feminised Seeds
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C-Vibez Feminised Seeds

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C-Vibez has a sweet and fruity character with floral and pine-like notes
All C-Vibez plants look super frosty. In general, the aroma is best described as sweet and fruity. There are also phenotypes that lean more towards the traditional Haze aroma, slightly acidic, piney and spicy. But this is never the dominant aroma. Other phenotypes can smell a bit more like a Cheese strain - a bit musty and chewy, like opening a bag of cheetos!

By deliberately not fully stabilizing this strain, the spread of phenotypes ensures that there is something beautiful for every grower.

C-Vibez is covered with trichomes and one of our most potent varieties
C-Vibez is one of the strongest cannabis strains in the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection. With consistent, extremely high THC levels of between 20-25% this strain belongs firmly in our exclusive ‘Extremely High' THC seed category for a reason. Every single phenotype we sent to the lab came back with over 20% THC! The perfect cannabis strain for the more experienced smokers among us!

Which genetics are in C-Vibez?
C-Vibez is a cross of Mad Scientist x Voodoo. Genetics have thus been created by carefully crossing Mad Scientist with our old-school Voodoo genetics. Voodoo is a very potent original Thai variety from Dutch Passion. These genetics provide the strong ‘stone’ that users will experience when smoking/vaping her. Crossing two heavyweights has ensured that these genetics have inherited a powerful cannabinoid profile. A minority of the plants produce color in the buds. There is even a phenotype with completely purple flowers!

By crossing a more Indica dominant hybrid (Mad Scientist) with a Sativa dominant hybrid (Voodoo), these genetics can provide a variety of phenotypes in terms of flowering time, plant structure, taste and smell. But not in terms of potency, which is the same for all of the phenotypes!

C-Vibez has long heavy buds completely covered with glittering trichomes
C-Vibez is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis plant that belongs to our ‘Classics' family of cannabis seeds. By using the original original Dutch Passion Voodoo genetics and Mad Scientist, these ‘old-school' genetics have been given a new look.

C-Vibez is known as a vigorous plant which can grow fast and hard. This strain can produce very large fan leaves during the growth phase. Bigger than both of your hands together! In general, the ladies grow quite compact and bushy. But there are also phenotypes that show a more open, Sativa-like structure during growth. These will be the largest plants! Do not wait too long to start the flowering phase because this strain can stretch quite a bit in bloom.

She is suitable for all types of growing techniques and growing methods such as ‘topping and fimming’ and LST (Low Stress Training). You can also bend/crunch the stem/branches as well as ‘Scrog’ grow her. Everything is possible and this lady can be tamed quite easily!

Keep in mind that she must be defoliated both in the growth phase and the beginning of the flowering phase. This ensures that all branches and growth shoots get more light, growing faster with heavier final yields. Most plants continue to grow until about week 4 of flowering. The longest flowering phenotypes will grow for a week longer.

Her plant structure is best described as medium to large. The internode distance is medium and the leaves have a hybrid structure with mainly Sativa characteristics, thin and long with a slender shape.

The genetics used for C-Vibez guarantee the following properties:
A plant with beautiful heavy buds and extremely high THC levels.Strong, easy-to-grow plants which are suitable for different cultivation techniques and grow methods.
Large plants with a high yield and different taste/odour profiles.

C-Vibez is the perfect strain for growers looking for variation within the same strain, there is always a phenotype that will blow your mind!

Effects of C-Vibez
C-Vibez buds are extremely potent which makes for a very strong, long-lasting high when consumed. The high is a combination of both a physical and mental effect. The high comes on nice and quietly. Initially she gives the user an energetic, euphoric and creative feeling. As soon as you smoke/vape a little more, the high starts to get stronger and heavier.

Eventually the experience evolves beyond the cerebral high into more physical effects. Your eyes become red, your body becomes relaxed and you enter a wonderful relaxed intoxication! Our test team was very impressed with the way this strain works. The smoke may initially seem subtle but the effect is strong and very pleasant!

The flowering time of C-Vibe
C-Vibez is a cannabis strain which will produce medium to large plants. During the flowering phase this strain can stretch quite a bit. Perhaps not to the same extent as a pure Sativa, but for a hybrid cannabis plant she can grow reasonably tall. This of course varies according to each phenotype. But in general C-Vibez can more than double in height during the bloom

In general, a flowering phase of between 10-12 weeks will apply. The fastest phenotypes will be ready in around 9-10 weeks and the most Sativa dominant phenotypes will need a week or two longer. They can sometimes bloom for 13 or even 14 weeks to fully ripen. These longest flowering phenotypes are the plants with the highest yield and highest potency, so they are definitely worth the wait.

The yield of C-Vibe
C-Vibez has received an XXL rating for a reason - she can put a lot of weight on the scale. The longest flowering phenotypes yield the most. But all plants will produce a high yield, even the somewhat smaller phenotypes.

In the right conditions, C-Vibez can yield between 500-600g/m2. Outdoors, she can grow into a true monster and plants can eventually reach over 3m in height with good organic soil and plenty of sunlight. This, of course, is only if the growth phase is long enough to achieve this.

We do not recommend growing her outdoors in temperate climates. The species usually blooms for too long to fully ripen in these climatic conditions. Only in the somewhat drier and mainly warm and sunny climates will this species thrive outdoors.

THC Content: 20%-25% 
Effect: Powerful
Flowering time: 56 days
Genetics: Mad Scientist special genetics x Voodoo
Grows: Grows indoors
Plant height: 100 - 150 cm.
Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 20%+
Variety: Mostly Indica
Yield: High
Seed type: Feminised Seeds