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Malawi and Panama are probably the two best and most highly worked Sativa in our catalog.
Malawi x Panama is a a straight hybrid between the Old Malawi Killer, and the more refined Panama parental plants from latest generations, creating a 100% Sativa F1 Hybrid that combines excellent Sativa genetics from Central Africa and America.

In this F1, Malawi dominates with its structure and character, producing vigorous and high yielding Sativa, which bring to the limit the best floral qualities of the killer Malawis: ultra resinous plants with huge trichomes, of very dense, resinous flowers of overpowering effect, where Panama contributes to the hybrid with its elaborated and complex lemony and incensey terpene profile.

The effect is complex, trippy, crazy and introverted. Very deep and long lasting, both mentally and physically. Only for the harder and more experienced Sativa travelers. Malawi x Panama produces consistently THC concentrations between 21% and 26%, and one of the most potent Sativa alchemies.

Sativa / Indica ratio: 1:0
THC : 21-26%
CBD: 0.2%
CBG: 1.1%
Flowering indoors: 11-12 weeks
Flowering outdoors: End of October / early November
Yield: High
Resistance against spider mites: Average-High
Resistance against powder mildew: Average-High
Resistance against botrytis: Average-High
Resistance against white fly: Average-High
Resistance against cold: Average-High
Resistance against heat: High
Latitude: 0º-43º
Genetics: Old Malawi Killer crossed with our best Panama parental plants from latest generations.
Structure: Pure Sativa structure, vigorous and branchy, yet easy to handle, without excessive stretching.
Bouquet: The Malawi resinous, oily, spicy and woody aromas dominate in this F1 hybrid , with lemony and incensey touches from Panama.
High: Complex, trippy, introverted effect of overpowering strength. Very long lasting and deep, mentally and physically.
Terpene profile: Complex and rich terpene profile in both monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of alpha pinene (30%) and terpinolene (30%), moderate quantities of beta pinene (1%), limonene (10%) and beta myrcene (8%), and smaller amounts of trans ocimene and delta 3 carene. Sesquiterpenes: Mainly beta caryophyllene (30%) with smaller equitable amounts of guaiol, trans nerolidol and alpha humelene (12-15% each).
Growing tips: It can easily be grown indoors, where we recommend uniform warm temps of 24-27ºC and strong light intensity. This Sativa is highly recommended for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent production of lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning. Outdoors it can be grown up to latitude 43º.
We recommend soft-moderate NPK levels for the growing stage (being careful with the nitrogen), then increase the feeding to moderate-high levels of nutrients for the flowering.
Pure Sativa plants, but without excessive stretching in early flowering. Although the vigor of these pure Sativa hybrids should never be underrated: ventilation, light intensity and space requirements should be properly planned when females begin to stretch at the beginning of flowering.
Since 2013 we have been testing different F1s hybrids and different genetic combinations among elite parents between Malawi and Panama, in order to find hybrids that combine and improve the excellent qualities that these excellent Sativa already have, increasing in these new F1s hybrids even more the vigor, ease of cultivation, potency, resin production, complexity of effects and terpenes, versatility and better acceptance of nutrients.

Available in: Feminised

Tags: Sativa, Africa, America, lemon, high THC, spicy

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