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Auto Afghan Mass by 00 Seeds is an Autoflowering strain that is very sweet and extremely easy to grow. It combines two Indica -dominant strains, resulting in amazing growth, both during the vegetative and the flowering stages. Its Afghan,  origins provide resin, yield and strength, whereas Critical  Mass is the strain that shapes its aroma, flavor and final production.

Indoors it’s a time bomb that, in less than 4 weeks, will release a fragrance that will fill your room making it necessary to use anti-odor filters to control that penetrating smell. Due to being Autoflowering , it gives you the advantage of producing first class marijuana and in only 60 days you’ll obtain harvests of up to 400g with 12 plants per m2. The most remarkable features of this strain are its short height and incredible bud production, as it’s full of nodes which will cover your Auto Afghan, Mass with flowers from the bottom of the stem to the top.

Outdoors this strain is a bud-making machine. If planted in a well prepared substrate with enough space for large roots, you’ll see how this plant yields long cylindrical bud-filled heads. It takes very little time to flower and gives yields of unquestionable quality, as its Critical genes make it much more productive. You will have to string or wire these plants at the end of the flowering phase because the branches tend to bend under the hefty buds and sometimes they even break if not correctly controlled. You can harvest an average of 120g per specimen.

Its aroma is irresistibly sweet with lemon and earthy notes, an authentic delight. It is also Recommended for BHO and hash extracts due to its high resin content, making it a perfect candidate for lovers of this strain. It also has high medicinal values and you will feel that Indica high - very physical but easy to deal with thanks to that soft taste that can be misleading, because after a few puffs you’ll probably be completely couch-locked.

Sativa/Indica : 10/90%

Flowering: 55-60 days indoors; from April to November outdoors.

Height: 0.8-1m indoors. 1-1.4m outdoors.

Tags: Afghan, Critical Indica Hybrid, Autoflowering Lemon, sweet, 00 Seeds 

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