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Big Bud has been one of the most famous Cannabis Seeds because of its jaw-dropping yields. The Big Bud also boasts an interesting history as her superior Indica pedigree has been carefully refined and steadily improved over many years. early developments occurred in the USA before the strain was brought into Holland in the 80’s in search of political asylum. When the War on Drugs intensified, many US breeders feared losing irreplaceable gania strains. As a result, many unique and cherished genotypes were brought into the Netherlands to ensure they would not be lost forever.

The first Big Bud was a Afghanica infused with Skunk genes. Distributed in clone form, Big Bud quickly became a popular commercial strain. When the original clones finally made themselves to Holland, they gave rise to several stable seed-strains including a back-cross with Skunk#1 and a very popular hybrid of 75%BB-25%NL#1. The present, award-winning Big Bud was made possible by two important developments. Firstly, thorough research allowed Sensi to identify the genotype and precise geographical origin of the Afghani cultivar behind the first Big Bud Secondly, the expansion of the gene-stock in the early 90’s gave Sensi breeders access to the strain.

With these two breakthroughs, Big Bud is now able to go back to her roots. Sensi’s final, back-crossed hybrid recaptures the vigour of the original clone and benefits further from sweet fruity flavours and a huge improvement in potency. The Big Bud isn’t named ‘big’ for nothing. The Big Bud’s stems are thick and sturdy and with the masses of giant, sweet sparkling buds they produce can grow heavy enough to snap! So you should always support your most promising branches with string or tensioned wire.

Flowering: 50-65 days
Height: 110-150 cm
Yield: up to 150 gr

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